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CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp CSE: CNFA

CanaFarma is building a fully integrated, multi-faceted Hemp products brand company. From plant to finished good, CanaFarma creates high grade hemp-based formulations supported by science and innovation. Designed to meet consumer demand in this rapidly growing market, CanaFarma’s proprietary brand machine and its direct-to-consumer demand marketing engine poise this company to be an industry leader in the branded hemp product space.

“Hemp CBD is one of the fastest-growing markets in a generation.” — Venture Beat

The Hemp-sourced CBD Industry Opportunity

The 2018 Farm Bill opened up a massive opportunity for Hemp Based products: $24 BILLION

  • Projected Size of US Hemp CBD Industry by 2022 is 10 times the size of the current industry
  • With an 18.4% Compound Annual Growth Rate (2018-2022) Hemp Sourced CBD is outpacing medical and recreational marijuana

The Brand Machine

Developed by Science, Powered by the Demand Marketing Engine, Fueled by Expertise We develop products backed by science and innovation. Then they are fed into our Demand Marketing Machine.

Products backed by science that deliver higher efficacy rates

Build brands that speak to consumers

Low cost, low risk, scalable marketing program to drive revenue

CanaFarma’s executives have over 30 years experience in direct-to-consumer marketing in the health and wellness

Demand Marketing Engine

Our proprietary and proven Demand Marketing Engine powers the Brand Machine.

Delivers In-Demand Products Direct to Consumers

Retail Hurdles

Based System =
Low Marketing Cost

Rapid Scale

Proven: $4M in
Revenue in
First 6 Months


CanaFarma’s flagship brand, Yooforic, has already seen resounding success.

The YOOFORIC brand products are made with organically grown hemp that delivers CBD in a higher amount, more efficiently.

These products are unique in 2 primary ways:
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • High Absorption / Efficacy Rates
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Fueled By Expertise

CanaFarma’s management and board members have
a wealth of experience
  • 20+ Years: Experience in Finance and Capital markets
  • 18+ years: Direct To Consumer Marketing Experience
  • $150 Million in Revenue: Generated in Health and wellness vertical
Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Strategic Planning Senior Vice President Product Acquisition

Plant to product

CanaFarma is a fully integrated hemp business. From seed to counter, our fully integrated hemp business helps us promote in-demand hemp oil infused products that continue to fuel the direct response marketing engine.

Dutchess County

New York

100 acres


600k lbs per day

Drying and Curing


World-Class Facilities

purity & concentration

CanaFarma is committed to the highest quality standards using only cGMP and FDA registered manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art processes. Our products are third-party tested and certified for ingredient content, safety,
and label accuracy. Each batch receives a certificate of analysis to ensure exceptional purity and concentration.

Full Traceability


Registered Facility

Third Party Tested

CO2 Extracted

Ultra Tested